FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of massage therapy?
Massage is beneficial for decreasing body pain and stiffness by improving circulation and easing muscle tension, thus providing an added benefit of improved mobility and flexibility. Reduced tension can also help to enhance sleep. Stimulation of the the lymphatic system helps to bolster the body's immune response. In many cases, massage can play a preventive role in reducing the onset of chronic pain conditions.

What types of massage do you offer?
La Stone sessions, traditional Swedish massage for relaxation, couples massage, deep tissue massage, and pre and post event massage.

This is my first massge. What can I expect?
Prepare by wearing, or bringing with you, comfortable and washable attire to return in after your massage. You will leave with a certain amount of oil and lotion on your skin to continue the moisturizing action. Plan to allow time for a tub soak, warm shower, or infra red sauna before your massage. This will heat the muscles in preparation for the massage and cleanse the skin for application of the oils and lotion. Robes are provided so you can disrobe and position yourself on the table in privacy. You will be draped in warm flannel sheets during the session. Let the therapist know what type of massage you would like. Provide feedback during the session so the therapist can provide the most comfortable amount of pressure and focus on areas of need for relaxation or tension release.

Can I have a massage if I am pregnant?
Yes. Expectant mothers receive special attention to their needs for relaxation throughout their pregnancy. Positioning with pillows to compensate for body changes will assure your comfort. Note that use of Far Infra Red Heat is not recommended during any stage of pregnancy.

Are health concerns or medications contraindicated?
If you have experienced a recent injury or an acute health problem, you should consult with your doctor before scheduling an appointment. You are advised to avoid scheduling an appointment in the event of a painful or contagious skin condition. For chronic health problems such as headaches and neck and back pains, regular weekly or monthly sessions can decrease or eliminate discomfort.

Can I have a glass of wine with my spa session?
Although alcohol can help you relax, it is contraindicated as an adjunct to massage because it inhibits the effectiveness of therapy by dulling sensations, altering blood circulation, and interfering with your ability to give proper feedback to the clinician. Alcohol can also contribute to high levels of toxins in the blood, which massage seeks to reduce. Alcohol creates an artificial sense of calm for the body. Our goal is to enhance the body's own ability to achieve relaxation without negative or harmful side effects.

How is A Touch of Class different from other spas?
Part of the uniqueness of our spa is it's small size and location. We are situated in a vintage cottage setting away from busy streets and surrounded by pristine gardens. Appointments are scheduled to assure the privacy of your individual or group session. Our goal is for each guest to leave feeling like they have had special, personlized attention, that will leave them feeling refreshed, relaxed and wanting to return again and again!

Who are the clientele at A Touch of Class Day Spa?
Friends and families schedule group sessions to enjoy a fun and relaxing time together. Mothers and daughters treasure the time they spend together at the spa. Men are discovering the awesome relief of muscle relaxation achieved from massage, facials, and the infra red sauna. Office staff groups also find our facility convenient for "out of office" gatherings.

How can I learn about your fees?
Please go to our menu pages for prices on the various spa packages and tea room offerings. Spa Finder or Entertainment coupons are not eligible for use with other discounts.

Are Spa Gift Certificates Avaialable?
Yes. Gift Cetificates are avaiable for any amount and any spa package combination. Although Gift Certificates are nonrefundable, they can be transfered to another party in the event the gift recipient chooses to not use the certificate.

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