Spa Prices and Packages

Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a relaxing Swedish Massage that helps to improve circulation, release muscle tension, and melt away stress while listening to soothing music.

30 min..... $45, 60 min.... $60, 90 Min.... $75


Aroma Therapy

Therapeutic grade essential oils are used to augment the beneficial effects of massage by soothing emotions while distressing tight aching muscles.

90 minute session.... $125


La Stone Massage

Deep muscle relaxation using geothermal effect via hot, warm, and cool stones. This is a specific stone placement routine of aligning the stones in stationary positionson the body as well as utilizing massage movements. Chilled stones are used for areas of inflammation or swelling.

90 minute session.... $100


PEMF Session

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy is the use of a computerized control unit to administer precise, pulsating electomagnetic frequencies and intensities to the body to aid in pain relief, increase circulation, and improve energy.

Fee is variable depending on need


Far Infra Red Basswood Sauna Session

This specially designed hypo-allergenic basswood sauna provides a dry penetrating heat along with therapeutic lighting, and optional sound vibration, that can provide relief from arthritis, chronic fatigue while ridding the body of toxins. Enjoy the benefits while listening to soothing music.

60 in.... $35 or a package of ten 60 min sessions for $300.


Aromatic Mineral Soaks

Take a relaxing, energizing, or muscle soothing mineral bath soak in a turn of the century claw foot tub.

30 min.... $35


Spa Packages

Delux Get-A-Way: Sauna or mineral soak, full massage, and quiet rest time.

3 hours...$150

Ultimate Spa Escape: Sauna or mineral soak, full massage, quiet reat time, and a Spa Lunch Plate.

4 hours....$199


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