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In addition to individual appointments, We offer duo appointments for friends, couples, or mother/daughter sessions in our Duo Room settings. During warm summer months, there is the option of scheduling in our enclosed outdoor Duo Room setting. During cool weather, this service is offered in our comfortably warm indoor Duo Room. Sessions may include massage, facials, body scrubs/butters. Call for more information, availability and pricing.

The following is a listing and description of our variety of spa packages.


Relaxation Massage
Enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage that helps to improve circulation, release muscle, tension, and melt away stress. 30 minutes...........$50, 60 minutes........... $100, 90 minutes.............. $130

Deep Tissue Massage
This therapeutic treatment is tailored to individual needs. Moderate to deep pressure helps to release tense and congested muscles.
60 minutes ...... $115, 90 minutes ....... $145

La Stone Massage

Deep muscle relaxation using geothermal effect via hot, warm, and cold stones. This is a specific stone routine in stationary placement and massage movement. Chilled stones are used for areas of inflammation or swelling.
90 min.........$150.00

PEMF Session (variable fee)
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy is the use of a control unit to administer precise, pulsating electromagnetic field frequencies and intensities to the body to aid in pain relief, increase circulation, and improve energy.

Acupressure and Hydrotherapy for the Face
For the ultimate in relaxation, anti-aging, and hydrating: this treatment will focus on special points to achieve a youthful glow. 45 minutes...........$85

La Stone a la Face
Warm and cool stones plus moisturizer for relaxation and toning. 60 minutes .........$85.00

Aromatic Mineral Soaks
Tub soak with mineral salts for energizing, relaxing, or soothing. 30 minutes..........$35.00

Foot and Hand TLC

Deep penetrating body butter is applied to your foot/hand which is wrapped in a hot, steamy towel. An exfoliating scrub is then vigorously rubbed on and afterward a relaxing moisturizing massage completes the session.
Approximately 30 min........$60.00

Foot and Face Session
Our classic facial customized for your skin type, plus a luxurious steam soak, scrub, and moisturizing foot massage. 55 min.........$125.00

Far Infra Red Sauna
The dry sauna provides a soft, deep, penetrating heat that provides relief from arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and toxins. Complimentary with any massage session. Sauna features light and sound therapy 60 min......$35.00, set of 10 60 min sessions...$300

Aroma Therapy (approx 90 minutes)

Therapeutic grade essential oils are used to augment the beneficial effects of massage by soothing emotions while distressing tight aching muscles. .............. $125

Therapeutic Foot or Integrated Foot/Hand/ear Reflexology. Works all reflex areas with attention given to problem areas or to general relaxation Includes customary essential oil application. 60 min.......$65. Series of 3 sessions.....$165, Series of 6 sessions....$325

Spa Day Packages

Deluxe Spa Get-Away (3 hours)
Sauna or soak with full massage and facial with rest time between and after session and beverages......$200.

Ultimate Spa Escape (4 hours)
Aromatic tub soak or sauna, full relaxing massage, face treatment, quiet rest time, and Spa Lunch Plate ....... $245.00

Spa Lunch Plate
Add an attractive arrangement of fruit, cheese & crackers, sandwich, veggies, and dessert to any spa session ....... $20.00

Spa Party (1 hour per person)
Customized group sessions providing a one hour sampler of mini spa sessions ...per person $90.00

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